Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Spirit

Hi Sweet Little Boy,

I’m already 19 weeks. It’s just crazy. I can’t believe how fast time has gone with you inside me! You’re just making everything seem like it’s going so much faster!

Do you like the blog color-scheme update? Christmas is my very favorite time of year. Honestly, I don’t have much of a reason for it to be, since it always meant lots of family drama for me, but I just love Christmas anyway.

I love snow.

I love cold nights with hot cups of tea or hot chocolate or coffee.

I love snuggling up under a blanket by a fireplace.

I love watching Christmas movies (yes, even the corny ones).

I love listening to (and singing along with) Christmas music.

I love making Christmas cookies and decorating the Christmas tree.

I love what the season stands for – namely, when God’s only Son, Jesus, took flesh upon himself and entered the world in order to bring us, fallen humanity, the possibility of salvation.

And I love the Christmas spirit I see all around me – people being nice to one another, buying gifts for their loved ones, just to show how much they care, and hitting the pause button on their busy lives to spend quality time with their friends and family.

I even love things about the season that most people hate. I love driving in snow (and it’s really not hard to do if you’re careful and use a bit of common sense). I love going Black Friday shopping with all the other crazies who wake up at 3 am to score that awesome deal on the blender that they so desperately need or the camera that they otherwise couldn’t afford to give to their best friend. I love the search to find the perfect gift for those who are dear to me. I even love spending money on my friends and family, as a visible way of showing them my affection (and, as you will probably learn pretty early on, I normally am not one to like spending money, so that’s saying a lot).

I just think Christmas is the most magical time of year.

And you know what? I don’t care if people think I’m crazy or get annoyed at my overzealousness. Because the Christmas season is really the only thing in the world that I still feel child-like wonder towards.

And after the lifetime’s worth of heartbreak and sorrow that I’ve experienced in these twenty-something years, I think I deserve to have ONE thing in life that I am not bitter towards or critical of or cynical about. And the Christmas season…well, that’s my ONE thing. When I had to become an adult at a very young age in every other part of my life, Christmas was (and still is) the one thing where I could still be a child.

So, anyway, I thought that the blog deserved a little Christmas spirit as well, and since I’m not very blogger-savvy, I had to choose from their templates, rather than finding or creating my own. This is the closest I could come to Christmas, so I chose it.

Well, Little Man, that’s about it on this end. I just wanted to share some of my Christmas spirit with you, because I’ve got it in spades. Someday you’ll witness it firsthand.

And, I’m sorry to tell you in advance, you ARE going to have a mom who wears all sorts of annoyingly ugly Christmas sweaters that light up and plays songs. Because THAT’S how much I love Christmas J

And as much as I love Christmas, Little One, I love you so much more.

With All My Love,


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  1. I like the new blog look! I love Christmas, too. Definitely my favorite time of the year. I've spent many Christmases being depressed, unhappy, grieving... but I never despised the holiday season for it.

    I will admit though, I used to hate the story of Jesus' birth. I know, that's REALLY bad. I hated hearing the story how someone got a miracle baby, and here I was without any babies.

    It's petty, but that's the only gripe I used to have about Christmas. But, I never let it cloud the rest of my holiday.

    I'm sure your little boy will grow up with fond memories of how you made each Christmas so special!

    I'm glad you are doing well, and that your little guy is doing good too. This Christmas will be a pretty special one for the both of us!