Saturday, December 11, 2010


Hi Baby,

Well, you are really stumping me, Little One!

Every mom that I know told me that when I started feeling you, I would immediately be able to discern that it is actually movement and not my stomach growling or gas or whatever.

Not so, it seems.

Or maybe my maternal instincts are just defective.

Here's the deal:

Between 3-4 weeks ago (that's right, about a month ago), I started experiencing what felt like muscle twitches or spasms in my stomach region. Lots of them.

I quickly wrote it off as my muscles and ligaments just stretching and expanding and such.

I even mentioned it to my midwife when she asked if I had felt any movement yet, and she agreed with me that it wasn't you.

Plus, before that, I had never experience any sort of flutters or goldfish or marbles or any of the other types of feeling that I've been told I would feel first. It was just nothing one day and gazillions of muscle twitches the next.

Fast forward 3-4 weeks (which brings us to yesterday and today).

I'm not so sure any more.

I still haven't felt any flutters, goldfish, or marbles, though I'm constantly on the lookout for them.

And the muscles twitches don't feel any stronger, more consistent, or more frequent.

But last night, your daddy and I were watching a show, and I was sort of half-reclining, and all of a sudden, I saw my stomach move. I could actually see the "muscles twitches" that I was feeling.

So I grabbed your daddy's hand and put it on my stomach, and sure enough, he was able to feel the twitches.

He's convinced that I have been feeling you move all this time and just didn't know it, but it doesn't feel anything like what I was told it would feel like.

And, I'm still less than convinced it's you, because like I said, still no flutters, and the twitches are at the same intensity level and frequency as before. Don't ask me to explain why I can see them now and I couldn't before - I'm just guessing it's because my stomach is bigger, so there's more flesh to move around than before.


Sorry for that short intermission. Right as I was typing that last sentence, my stomach started moving and twitching odd to see my stomach move without my help!

Which reminded me of another couple of reasons I'm not convinced its you: (1) sometimes the twitches will happen in two very separate places at the exact same time (i.e. the very top left corner of my stomach and the very bottom right corner of my stomach); (2) the twitches are usually in the same 6 places, rather than all over the place; (3) sometimes there will be four or five twitches at the exact same spot and then nothing; (4) sometimes there will be four or five twitches at the exact same spot and then four or five twitches in a new spot; (5) it feels nothing like what I've been told your moving would feel like (I know I've already said that one, but I felt it deserved repetition).

So there you have it. I have absolutely no idea if I'm feeling you move or not. I so wish that I knew for sure one way or another.

I'll be so disappointed if I've been wrong all this time and have just missed out on getting to enjoy feeling you move!

And I will feel as though my maternal instincts have failed me...especially after I was so excited by how powerful they were when my gut instinct about your gender was right!

Oh, Little Boy, how I wish I knew if what I am feeling is you.

Our next appointment is on Thursday, so I guess we'll get some more clarity there...hopefully!

Either way, I'm glad your dad was able to feel it - I could tell it just made him fall in love with you all over again. He just kept kissing my stomach, and he told you several times how much he loves you.

So someday, Sweet One, when you think that your daddy doesn't love you because he punished you or wouldn't let you do something you desperately wanted to do, I hope that you can remember this and know how much he does truly, deeply love you - even before ever meeting you.

And I love you, too.



ps...I love finally being able to call you by your name, talk about you by name, and pray for you by name! And I love hearing your dad pray for you, too :)

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  1. Movement has been the biggest source of confusion and angst for me - it just doesn't seem to be at all how I heard it described. I never really felt flutters. I still don't feel him "all the time" like so many go on about.

    It took me a LONG time to really be able to say for certain I was feeling the baby move. Thinking back now, I'm almost positive that all the little twinges and twitches were my baby. But at the time I was never certain. This is where my home doppler saved my sanity.

    Honestly - I think you are feeling your baby move. I really do! As time goes on, I bet you'll start feeling it stronger, and the doubt you have will go away.

    I know it's hard to be patient to wait for that day. I hope your little guy gives you a couple real good kicks soon, so you will know for certain!

    Isn't it great to have a name for your baby? I still get a thrill saying my baby's name.

    Thinking of you and your little boy all the time...

    ((Big Hugs))