Thursday, April 7, 2011

Forgot to Mention

Hi Again, Baby,

I forgot to mention that I also got quite the haircut yesterday.

I've been growing my hair out since before I met your dad - so for almost four years now!

Once I had grown it out for about two years, I decided I might as well keep going and just donate it to Locks of Love when it got long enough. Not long after I made that decision, my cousin Renee was diagnosed with cancer, so that only deepened my resolve. I figured it could be a way to honor her (she just celebrated one year of being cancer free, by the way - so amazing!).

I was going to wait until after you arrived to cut it, but it has been driving me nuts lately (plus, I'm going through shampoo like no one's business. Plus, I probably won't have time to go out and get a haircut for quite a while after you're born.), and your dad convinced me to make an appointment for before you arrived. So, Tuesday night, I made the call and scheduled an appointment for Wednesday.

I normally am not attached to my hair that much, but I've been growing it for so long that I actually had a minor panic attack after making the appointment and made your dad measure my hair to see how much I would have left over after donating!

So, yesterday, I donated 10 inches to Locks for Love, and then, in styling my new, much shorter 'do, the stylist cut off another 1-2 inches. I lost about a foot of hair yesterday. So insane!

It feels great, though, and I'm so glad that I was able to donate my hair to such a worthy cause!

What I didn't realize going in was that my salon actually gives quite the discount for donating your hair - who would have thought? I figured they'd just cut it off, give it back to me, and then style it.

No, sir.

They cut it off and then styled it, alright, but they took care of sending it in and handling that portion of the process (which I was glad about, because only after they cut off my ponytails did I realize how creeped out I would be by having to take locks of my own hair home with me!).

Plus, they gave me $45 off of my haircut and spent almost 1 1/2 hours with me!

What a blessing!

Here I was worrying about spending so much on a haircut (normally I go to training stylists, so I don't usually pay more than $10-15 for my haircuts, but this time, since it was such a huge change and I knew that I'd be in lots of pictures after having my haircut, what with you arriving so soon and all, I figured it was worth it to pay full price [$50! Outrageous]), and then in the end, not only did I get more time and attention spent on my hair than usual, but it only cost me $5!

So, if anyone out there is reading this, lives in MN, and is hoping to donate to Locks of Love, check out Juut Salon Spa - definitely the perfect place to do so!

I just feel like a million bucks with my new, freshly-cut, spring-y hairstyle - now I feel officially ready to have some family photos taken when you get here!



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