Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Hi Baby Boy,

Well, we are officially full-term today!


I'm so excited, I can hardly stand it!

Now that we're full-term, anytime you decide to come into the world is fine by me. We just had to wait until we hit 37 weeks, or the hospital wouldn't let me attempt a waterbirth, and since I've been really excited about trying a waterbirth, that would've been a bummer.

So, you are in the clear to arrive anytime you want from here on out!

Personally, I'd like to wait until after this Thursday, because then we will be done with all of our prenatal classes. Oh, and your dad is requesting that you start the labor process on a Friday, so he can have as much time with us as possible while taking as few PTO days as possible.

Ultimately, though, we don't care when you come. We're just excited to meet you, whenever you decide you've cooked long enough in there :)

But please don't make us wait until May!

I love, love, love you - congratulations to us both on making it to full-term!



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