Thursday, October 28, 2010


Hi, Sweet Baby,

So, the tour on Tuesday at the birthing center was AMAZING!

Seriously, it is going to be a perfect fit for us.

In fact, your dad and I both liked it so much, that we scheduled our next appointments right then and there after the tour ended.

I love that the practice in general is so very personalized. They have six CNMs on staff, and only about 10-15 women give birth at the birthing center every month, so they really get to know their patients.

And their main desire is to help their patients personalize their prenatal and birthing experiences to their preferences.

Which is so great!

I love that we are going to get to have very personalized care and that we will get to decide how we want your birth to go.

And I love that whatever we decide, the CNMS will support us in.

That is just not how it would go at a hospital - even as nice a hospital as we toured last week.

So, lucky me, since we switched over our appointments, I was able to switch my ultrasound to November 24th, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, just like I was hoping for!

I can't believe that we will know your gender in less than a month!

I think scheduling the ultrasound really made your dad excited, too, because I think it will allow him to finally feel like he is a part of this pregnancy...because once we know whether you are a little boy or a little girl, we will finally get to start planning, and shopping for you, and registering, and all of those other fun things that he will get to take part in, too :)

Scheduling the ultrasound also made us realize that we have absolutely NO idea what we will name you if you turn out to be a little girl.

If you're a little boy, we're totally set. We already have two great names picked out and ready to go...all we have to decide is if we would want to use just one for you and save the other for the brother that we hope to give you someday, or if we would rather use them together as your first and middle name.

But girl names? Not so much.

We both have names that we kinda like, but nothing seems right. We still haven't found a girl name that makes either of us fall in love, much less both of us.

With the boy names, it just happened. Your dad had a name that he really liked and wanted to use, and I had a dream where we had a son with the other name. And when I woke up, I realized that I really liked that name.

And when we shared our respective "top picks" for boys' names, we both loved each other's choices, too!

Plus, our two boys' names sound great together, which just expands our options even more :)

I think part of the struggle is that we both are convinced that you're a boy, so it's much easier to think about what we would want to name a son than a daughter. Girl names seem very hypothetical right now. Boy names seem real, seem concrete.

Anyway, if you are a little girl, I'm extra glad we're going to find out your gender in less than a month, because that will give us some much needed time to name you!

Love you lots, Baby!

All My Love,


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