Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Confession...

So I have a confession to make.

Actually, now that I think about it, I have two.

The first is that I dropped the ball on the photo-a-day thing while we were out of town. If I had done it, it would probably have hypothetically been the same picture of my hotel room every day. So I guess I'm saving you some boredom.

I started again though, so don't worry :)

Confession number two.

I bought an ovulation kit.

I never, ever, ever thought I would, but I did.

We've been trying now for about eight months with no luck.

Last time I got pregnant, it happened RIGHT away...which makes eight months with no luck seem...weird. Is there something wrong with me now?

So, anyway, I know it's too early to go to a fertility doctor or something. And, quite frankly, I can't see going to a fertility doctor unless it had been like two years (but I guess we'll see if I still feel that way if another six months goes by with no luck).

And maybe it is still too early to be concerned, too...

...but I am impatient...

...and a bit concerned...

...and the longer it takes, the more impatient I become...

...and the more impatient I become, the more concerned I become when nothing happens.

So, anyway, a few days ago, the hubs and I were joking about buying an ovulation kit.

And then I went to Target on a completely unrelated mission.

But when I got there, I thought I'd just look at ovulation kits. You know, to see if one was better than another or something so that I would know which one to buy if it did come down to that.

But when I got to that aisle, there was a major, intense sale on a First Response ovulation kit.

And I just felt that it was the universe telling me to purchase it.

So I did.

Yesterday, I used it for the first time, and the very first test told me that I was having an LH surge...so I would be ovulating in 24-36 hours.

I figured it must be defective; there's no way that I would "pass" the first test! But I even had Brady look at it to make sure that I wasn't reading it wrong, and he confirmed that I was right. I passed it with flying colors. There was no doubt. The test line was WAY darker than the reference line.

I passed it this morning, too.

Is it weird to have it show that my LH is surging two days in a row?

Have any of you used these ovulation predictor kits, and, if so, do you have any advice or words of wisdom to offer me?

What do I do if it says I'm surging tomorrow, too??? Does that mean that I have a hormone issue? (I did a bit of research today and totally freaked myself out...they said that I'm defective if I passed the test for more than two days in a row...and I'm on route for that to happen! Yikes!).

So, any input would be helpful.

On a completely random note, as I write this, I am sitting by the ocean waiting for Brady to get back from a bike ride so we can go to dinner.

It's a beautiful day in Rockport, and I'm loving just hanging out outside.

I'm sitting next to this ice cream place, because they have free WiFi, and I wanted to do homework while I waited.

The door to the ice cream joint is open, though, so I can hear what's going on inside.

This chick just came in and told one of the employees (an old friend, apparently) that she has a new baby sister...

...who is named Leila :)

I started smiling so big, I must have looked like a crazy person.

It feels so good to have named my baby, to finally have something to call her, and to think of her when I hear someone use her name. *peaceful sigh*


  1. So the standard line is if you are over 35, after 6 months of trying you should go see a doctor for further tests. Younger than that, and the say wait a year. Under 30 I guess you have like a 89% chance of getting pregnant in a year with regular sex.

    So if you don't feel you're ready to take the next step and get further tests, that's fine, but if you are impatient, you can go already, or soon. I don't know how old you are!

    I haven't personally used OPKs, but I know so people can do a lot of false positives leading up to O, and that it can be hard to read sometimes until you see what your own true positive looks like. I also know that PCOS can often mess with using OPKs, causing false positives.

  2. Ovulation kits - I've used several. But I don't claim to be an expert. I've never tested right out the gate and had a dark line. My doctor did tell me, though, that it's not about the darkness of the line so much as it is the change in the darkness. I would have a few days where the line was light. And then one day - BAM. Much, much darker.

    Honestly, if you are really thinking about it - you should go see a doc. It will give you a feeling of empowerment. At least it did for me. It helps you feel like you are at least "doing something." And if your doctor isn't exactly helpful, move on to someone who will be more proactive.

    I love the story about Leila's name coming up. I really believe those are little moments where our babies are close to us.

    Hang in there with the TTC thing. I know it's torture! I'm praying you get surprised with a BFP sooner rather than later!