Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wedding Week!

So, we are in day three of "Wedding Week."


Currently, I am sitting in my bedroom (yes, my bedroom) at my best friend's house waiting for her to wake up and tell me what to do to make her life easier.

Because that's what a Matron of Honor does :)

How freakin' awesome is it that I have my own bedroom at her house??? (Well, it's her parents' house I guess...since she'll be moving into her new place in three days).

I keep calling myself the "Maid of Honor" because it is more traditional and sounds better...but she keeps reminding me that I'm a "Matron" not a "Maid." Haha...

She's older than me, so I think she's getting a kick out of the fact that my title makes me sound older.

I just can't believe that my best friend, my "sister from another mister" is getting married in three days!


Anyway, it's been pretty good so far - I'm loving getting to spend this time with her and her family...getting to love on her and to help her enjoy her last few days as a single woman.

I want to make sure that this week is ALL about her, as it should be, and I think, so far, that that's going pretty well :)

I love this house, and I love these people. I love my safe haven, my refuge.

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